Tips On Curing 'Breathy' Tone When Playing Your Buffet Clarinet

A Buffet clarinet R13 is a perfect choice for a beginner horn player.  However, you can sometimes experience problems when the tone of the notes you produce sound 'airy' or 'breathy', robbing your playing of quality and richness.  So, what causes this effect and how can you correct it?  Read on for some top tips on correcting a 'breathy' sounding tone. 'Breathy' tone There are many possible causes of an airy or breathy tone.

Making the Most of Your Psychic Consultation

Over the years, more and more people have garnered an interest in psychic readings. This is largely due to the fact that these consultations are steadily being demystified in the media, thus making more people curious about how authentic a psychic reading can be. It should be noted though that a psychic and a medium are not one and the same thing. All mediums have psychic abilities but not all psychics are mediums.

Party Equipment Rentals that Make Your Back-to-Basics Trendy Party Come to Life

Back-to-basics themes seem to be the focus of current party trends. If you are going with a back-to-basics look, you may wonder why or if you need to use a party equipment hire at all. Before you decide to go it on your own, consider these party equipment hire options that can make your back-to-basics trend setting party come to life. Themed Food Trucks Themed food trucks aren't just for carnivals and children's events.

4 Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Marquee

Marquee hire can be a tricky venture, whether you are organising a wedding or getting ready for your grandparents' anniversary. It is one of those activities in an event that can be disastrous when not keenly done. You'll need to take a number of considerations so that you can make the right choice. Here are some of the top tips you should know. Number of people being hosted This is the start of the hiring process and knowing the number of people to expect is crucial.

Tips for Booking a Limo for Your Wedding

One of the craziest times in a person's life is preparing for their wedding. There are just so many little details that go into wedding planning, and it isn't uncommon for some details to be left to the last minute or even forgotten. One of those details that you need to plan in the early stages is your wedding transportation. While your guests will likely have their own transportation, you will need to have a way to and from the wedding and the reception.

Using Everyday Items To Decorate Your Wedding Reception

If you are looking for a different style for your wedding reception than the traditional circular tables or long buffet spreads, you could use everyday items to drastically change the look and feel of your reception. These ideas can work for both formal wedding receptions and more casual affairs. 1. Stools as Side Tables Any style or size of stool will do as a side table. If you have opted for a buffet style dinner, or cocktail party reception, arrange smaller or medium sized stools around your venue for guests to place their drinks and plates.

How You Can Create the Perfect Winter Wedding

There are many advantages to planning a winter wedding. Away from the peak summer season, you won't be afraid of a date clash with other weddings, you won't sweat into your perfect wedding dress, and you can harness all the appeal of the festive season in your wedding ceremony and reception party. But how can you ensure that your wedding is a winter event to be remembered for all the right reasons?