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3 Reasons to Consider BYOD Accommodations for Visiting Clients

As a growing hospitality business, you may have clients that will be visiting your area to view your proposal. This may be for a project or an advertising campaign pitch. Regardless of what the meeting is for, your client relations department will be arranging the visiting clients' accommodations. One aspect of the accommodations that your client relations department should consider is BYOD. Here are three reasons why this type of service would make a big difference for your visiting clients.

Personal Privacy

One of the main reasons that traveling and visiting clients need a BYOD service is due to their personal privacy. Yes, many hotel rooms now do have smart devices and technology that is already in place in the room. However, this technology may not be as secure as the personal devices the client has. By offering a BYOD option that can integrate into the room, the client can keep their personal information secure while still utilizing the services they need, through their own devices, in their room or business lounge.

Account Security

When a client uses a smart television or other smart devices within the hotel room, they have the ability of accessing multiple entertainment and business apps. These apps do require a password and most clients will need to enter that password in to be able to use it. If that password is not wiped, due to the client forgetting or the staff becoming too busy, then the account information is accessible to the next guest. This breaches account security and can cause several issues with billing as well. With a BYOD option, they don't have to enter in app logins or passwords into public devices, leaving the account secure.

Screen Mirroring

A reason that many visiting clients like the BYOD option is for screen mirroring. Yes, they can have personal and account privacy, but they can also transfer whatever they are watching to a bigger screen. They can also mirror their device to other rooms if the accommodations are in a suite or penthouse style setup. This makes it easier on the client and more personal.

If you have clients that are international visitors, then a BYOD is even more important. If you need to set this up, or you need to find an accommodation with BYOD capabilities, contact area business-grade hotels. They can let you know if they have BYOD accommodations and what they specifically offer.