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Party Equipment Rentals that Make Your Back-to-Basics Trendy Party Come to Life

Back-to-basics themes seem to be the focus of current party trends. If you are going with a back-to-basics look, you may wonder why or if you need to use a party equipment hire at all. Before you decide to go it on your own, consider these party equipment hire options that can make your back-to-basics trend setting party come to life.

Themed Food Trucks

Themed food trucks aren't just for carnivals and children's events. You can use a theme-based food truck at your back-to-basics party as the focal point of the event. For example, if you are going with a holiday theme, consider using a food truck that specializes in hot chocolate creations.

Some food trucks will offer this option as a way to incorporate hot chocolate, brownies and even frozen chocolate drinks themed specifically for the holidays. The key is to find a truck that offers a range of options from drinks to food that are all centred on a theme you are going for.

Lighting Equipment

No matter how basic your theme is, one thing you will want to hire out is the lighting. You may think this is an easy enough task to handle on your on, but consider this: When you use a party equipment hire for your lighting they will bring it to the site, set it up, take it down and remove it at the end of the party. This leaves you the time you would normally put to the lighting available for another part of your party and event tasks.

Dance Floors

One of the aspects that you may overlook for your party equipment list is a dance floor. You may think the venue will cover that or that the existing floor will work fine. The benefit of using party equipment hire for dance floors is the quality you receive. Most of the dance floors have a different feel from the existing floors in venues. This will also prevent any scuffing or damage to the existing venue floor which, in some cases, can cost you a damage fee at the end of the party. Renting the dance floor equipment can also give a special touch to very back-to-basics style parties.

These are just a few of the party equipment rentals that can make your back-to-basics trendy party theme come to life. If you want to see other equipment options or get pricing for all of the equipment rentals that would fit into your party theme, contact your local party equipment hire business like Dancetime Party Hire. They can give you a price estimate and options you may be interested in.