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3 Unique Tips to Help You to Get a Special Function Room

Whether you are organizing a simple birthday party, an anniversary or a wedding, the venue you select will have a very big bearing on how that occasion goes. This article discusses some insights that will you guide you in choosing the best function room.

Befriend the Caretakers or Managers of Several Venues

Does that sound like a lot of trouble? It doesn't have to be. All you need to do is to come up with a shortlist of several venues from which you would like to pick one and then visit those venues. While you are there, chat up the manager or caretaker so that they give you detailed information about the strengths and challenges of that venue.

From that freely flowing information you will be able to get tips from an insider (the manager) upon which you can base to decide whether to get that venue or not. For instance, the manager may give you a tip that although the official position is that no drinks from outside the venue are allowed, you can pay a small fee for serving you those drinks and you will be free ferry in your alcohol from outside. Such a tip can reduce your budget by a very significant amount, thereby making that venue an ideal one.

Time and Noise Restrictions

If you want to get a special function room for your event, pay particular attention to matters of time restrictions as well as noise regulations. It would be very disappointing if your guests have just started having a good time then the management of the venue announces that it is closing time.

Sound restrictions may also put a damper on your enjoyment of the event. For instance, the music should not be too loud, and the partiers should maintain a reasonable volume. Ask venue options such as Mulgrave Country Club about any noise restrictions they might have on your social function so you can enjoy your time together without being overbearing.

Security and Accessibility

Does the venue you are considering have proper access control to stop gatecrashers? Does it have a place where your guests can keep their valuable items like bags and coats? Can your guests easily access that venue by public transport means? These are very important considerations that you need to keep in mind as you sort through your list of possible venues.

When you finally make your decision as to which function room to hire, your guests will be very pleased because your choice will be one that suits them. Picking the right function room requires much more than just being able to pay for that venue.